Digital Transformation is not a Tech Project Development.

Actualizado: 28 jun 2020

When a company says that Digital Transformation is the development of technological projects, it will spend a lot of money and in this case, they do not constitute any competitive advantage for the simple reason that the technology is in the market and any company can buy them, in six months. your competitor will copy them to you.

When a company focuses on developing a portfolio of technology projects, it does not generate any new muscle or strategic capacity.

In the Digital Transformation formula:

TD: (Va x Ve x N) + (T x C x FH) x Com

Technology (T) is only one factor, but it is necessary to consider other 6 that are the ones that really make the difference.

TD looks easy, sounds easy, but it's complex.

It is necessary to create "muscles and capacities" by over developing technological projects.