# 1

New decentralized
network computers for trade with
lower intermediaries,
with peer to peer

In this workshop we goint to explaine how AGILE methodologies, have been impacted companies and peoples.

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# 2

Is a disruptive philosophy

Movement and community that looking for a equitatible world, redesigned Internet eliminating all the centralized Incumbent.

They are passionate for equitable world through decentralization

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# 3

Distribuite ledger

Persistent transparent public ledger.

Smart Contracts.

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# 4


After consensus, block goes to
blockchain as a permanent record.

Distribute consensus algorithm

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# 5

Based in Cryptography

Encripted all transactions with
unique ID (hash).

Miners validate transactions.

Resolving computing problems.

Broadcasting complete blocks to
other nodes (copy of the DB).


Each block are linked each other
throw the hash, linked together

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# 6

Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Asset.

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# 7

No delete Data

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System that you can add data to not change after the consensus.

No one actor in the network is able to solve the challenge 

# 8

No intermediaries, re write the rules in business.

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# 9

Public or Private

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# 10

Global cloud computing

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